Flanders Airport in 2017: some of our resolutions and plans

Dear Customer,

What time is better than the start of this New Year to send a note of thanks to our customers?
On behalf of our team at Flanders International Airport, I’d like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you (and your clients). We promise to make your customers’ experience a satisfying one in the next year. Because after all, our motto is “Feels like flying home”….

Looking back at 2016, the unveiling of the new 4000m² Luxaviation hangar was one of the biggest events of the year, Luxaviation being one of the world’s largest business aircraft operators.  A second operator, ASL Group, has investments ready to build a new hangar.  Both hangars can provide space for up to 23 business aircraft.
These great investments are a sign of trust in the future of the airport Kortrijk-Wevelgem.  

Traditionally, the beginning of a new year means lots of boardmeetings, teammeetings, etc…
That’s why we’ve invested in a 84” (that’s more than 2 meter!) touchscreen, along with all modern amenities a good meeting room requires. You get the panoramic view on the almost 2000 meter runway for free…
Thanks to our location in the Eurometropole (Lille-Courtrai-Tournai) and the proximity of cities like Ghent, Ypres and Bruges, we noticed a significant growth in the number of passengers landing, organizing their meeting at the airport, and taking off again. Talk about time efficiency!

Once again, we wish you a prosperous 2017!

Kind regards,

Alexander Kerkhof
General Manager