Our focus: reducing your time on the ground!

Having saved travelling time in the air, our customers expect to waste zero minutes at our business airport, Kortrijk-Wevelgem International Airport (EBKT/KJK) in Belgium. Flanders International Airport NV, your handling company, supports this and works in close collaboration with the airport authorities to streamline every service and make it as smooth and fast as possible to guarantee that the time between touchdown and the motorway network is less than 15 minutes, wherever you come from and whenever you arrive. Thanks to exceptional levels of speed, efficiency and coordination, even unexpected arrivals or changes to the timetable can be absorbed into the cycle of services with little disruption.

More investments are scheduled in the near future so that every element that contributes to a successful flight or aircraft turnaround can operate in the best, most professional conditions, and the service level can be sustainable in the future. Thanks to our compact infrastructure (aircraft taxi distances of less than three minutes) and all services (in-house border control, customs and professional handling resources) being situated in one building, customers can breeze through all legal checks in a matter of minutes.

Your car/limo/taxi is waiting at walking distance from your aircraft. "Fleet operation managers often choose larger, well-known airports, to be sure about the services, but they often drop their customers straight into congested road traffic, during rush hour. We have no such traffic congestions within one hour’s drive from our airport,” says Alexander Kerkhof, general manager of FIA NV. Within that one-hour range there is a high concentration of international businesses and cultural activities, and the area’s world-famous cities, including Ghent, Bruges and Ypres, are 30 minutes from the airport. Also close by is the ‘Eurometropole’ – a dynamic, growing area that includes the city of Lille – and the European high-speed train network. Even Paris is only two hours away!

Going to your next stop, flying back home or starting your trip by flying out from Kortrijk- Wevelgem – it’s all possible just minutes after your arrival at the airport. There are no slot restrictions even if customers use the airport as a hub, which is essential to accommodate to-the-minute itineraries.

“It's important for us to see our customers coming again and again. So we do everything to ensure that the Belgian high standards of living are always present. We can't do much about the pure technical flight experience, but we give the onboard catering the Belgian touch, so customers feel they are important to us even when they are flying away.”

Some technical info:
- ICAO/IATA: EBKT/KJK – GNSS approach - runway: 1900m x 45m (6233ft x 147ft).
FIA contact: +32 56 37 34 34 – -