About us

The FBO of Flanders International Airport nv is designed in function of business and general aviation and we provide aeronautical services for aircraft, passengers and crew

The FBO is located adjacent to road connections enable direct access to highway, with direct connect to Bruges (35 min.), Knokke (45 min.), Tournai (30 min. ) Ypres & Lille (25 min.),   

Flanders International Airport nv is known to the customers for knowledge, flexibility, exclusivity and personal approach.  Not only with normal, day-to-day procedures but with special requests and individually tailored solutions.
Discretion towards the client is extremely important for us.

Flanders International Airport nv is founded in 1991 with the purpose a better development of international and national business air traffic, to be responsible for the expansion of the airport and the commercial operators, in close collaboration with the airport authorities.