The VIP sector is experiencing continuous changes and innovation.
Our teams are all inspired by the same determination to provide aircraft owners, operators, passengers and crews with outstanding and personalized services.
To achieve this objective, they have been trained by some of the greatest professionals in the industry.

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+32 56 37 34 34

pax & crew service

  • VIP catering
         inflight catering / private catering / galley cuisine
         refrigerated storage area
  • VIP Limo / Car rental service / Executive chauffeur service
  • Direct ramp access
  • Dropoff/pickup service passenger/crew
  • Personal passenger and luggage screening
  • Meet and greet upon arrival
  • Laundry, newspapers, dishwashing facilities,
  • On-site customs and immigration clearance (port of entry)
  • Private VIP lounge / private crew lounge
  • Pre-flight briefing room
  • Fast and stable WIFI access
  • Dedicated passenger & crew assistance
  • VIP & Butler Services
  • Local hotels at preferential rates (passenger/crew)
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aircraft service

  • Fuelling services (Jet A1)
  • Business aircraft parking
  • Interior and exterior aircraft cleaning services
  • Oxygen refill
  • De-icing / Pre-heat (Type I)
  • Heated hangar (up to Falcon 8X)
  • Passenger step (Franke PTR12)
  • Lavatory service
  • Fresh water service
  • Ground power unit
  • Loading and unloading
  • Pushback and towing
  • Airstar
  • Marshalling


All customized VIP catering
     inflight catering / private catering / galley cuisine

airport info

The airport EBKT/KJK has an enviable reputation as a fast, flexible and remarkably accessible business airport.  Its compact size makes it extraordinarily flexible and efficient when it comes to satisfying travellers’ needs especially when you consider its central location in Europe and the international reach of the region. Discretion towards the client is therefore of enormous importance to us. 

More techincal information (AIP) of EBKT can be found by clicking here.


EBKT provide custom services for extra-shengen flights. Our airport is well known for custom services during a technical stop! Both general aviation and helicopters are welcome on our platform.

Tech stop Handling

FIA is ideally suited to serve your Tech stop requirements.

FIA can offer quick rotation.  FIA provide an efficient service that will reduce time en-route to your final destination.

The apron is conveniently located at the FIA FBO and facilitates short taxi times to/from the main runway.

FIA offers you a very competitive rate on Jet A1, with discount on bulk fuel uplifts.
For the latest Fuel Prices & Rates, Contact our operations for more information.